About Us

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Supporters was created by of a group of dedicated volunteers on a mission to recruit, inform and retain our 3000 Heroes. We developed from a group of people determined to make a difference. We have all been touched by a loss to cancer. If you have not already done so, please join us on our Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Supporters Facebook group.

We are lucky enough to have Morris Animal Foundation support us in our efforts. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds to support the study.             

Who We Are

Meet the Volunteer Leadership Team:

Valerie Robson –

Valerie, her husband Greg, and the Golden Crew, live in Conifer, Colorado located in the foothills southwest of Denver. Valerie's first golden Barney was adopted by her family when she was about 10 years old. Barney was a wonderful companion, and instilled in Valerie her love and commitment to the breed. Valerie has volunteered for many years with various golden retriever rescues and in her working life has managed programs for senior adults and volunteers. When Valerie and Greg were married and bought their first house, the decision to get a dog was a given; and of course Valerie insisted it would be a golden retriever! Over the past 20 years of their marriage, there have been seven goldens that have been part of the family. Many goldens have spent time in their home as fosters and have gone on to great families of their own. Two of these fosters became permanent residents when Greg and Valerie couldn’t give them up.

Over the years, three of the family dogs succumbed to cancer – Samson to liver cancer and both the girls, Carmel and Charm, to hemangiosarcoma. When the family decided it was time to get a puppy, the perfect boy was born and Astro became part of the family in August of 2011. Shortly after that, Valerie learned of Morris Animal Foundation's Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Astro became a pilot dog and then the 11th dog enrolled in the study. When the opportunity to be part of the National Volunteer Leadership Team came up, Valerie jumped at the chance to further her work with the breed she loves and use her skills to help the study be a long term success. She is thrilled to be able to use her background in volunteer management, event planning, and even counseling to help the study, especially now that it is in the retention phase.

Sherri Wilson –  
Sherri has had a lifelong love affair with dogs starting when she was 2 years old and she brought two dogs into the marriage when she and Andy tied the knot over 25 years ago.

Their life was changed, however, when their first golden retriever, Tiki, was diagnosed with leukemia on her fifth birthday. That is when Sherri first learned of Morris Animal Foundation and their efforts to cure canine cancer and became involved in raising money for them through their walks starting in 2008.

When she first learned of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study - her second golden, Madison, was too old to enroll. Sherri watched as the enrollment numbers grew and when she got her third golden, Bailey, she counted the days until he would be old enough to be a participant in this very important study and there was much celebration when he received his Hero title.

Sherri is honored to be a part of something that is so important that will make a difference in the life of not only golden retrievers - but also all dogs (and quite possibly the humans that love them).

Now that the retention phase of the study has begun, she looks forward to helping keep participants involved and excited about this groundbreaking study, as well as continuing to raise money to support this worthwhile cause.

In addition to her volunteer work with the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, Sherri also has her own CPA practice where she is lucky enough to work from home with her three goldens and their kitten, Grace.

Tammy Shultz
Tammy Schultz is married to Scott Schultz and has two adult human children and one canine named Creed. She has provided child daycare in her home for over 30 years. Creed is the official greeter and mascot. She enjoys time with family, watching wildlife, and learning about nutrition and health topics for humans and animals.
Shari Morgan Walliker 
Shari Walliker is a long time resident of Galva, Illinois who, along with her husband Paul, has spent the last 19 years restoring and maintaining their 100+ year old Victorian home. She has a degree in fashion merchandising from Illinois State University and was a former systems analyst at Caterpillar Inc.. Shari enjoys cooking, interior decorating, flower arranging, antique shopping, and spending time with her family which includes four golden retrievers.
In January of 2014, Shari lost her six year old golden retriever, Marley to hemangiosarcoma. To fulfill a promise made to Marley, Shari as spent the past year volunteering for Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. She and Paul welcomed two golden retriever puppies into their family. Both Boomer and Oliver are 3000 GRLS heroes.
Beth Bernstein 
My love for Goldens started over 20 years ago after losing my Flatcoat to lymphoma. I met a woman wearing a GRCA jacket and started talking Goldens. Little did I know that would start a new life showing, breeding and becoming a caretaker of this wonderful breed.

Sadly I lost my very first golden, Hunter, at the age of six to hermangiosarcoma. I made a promise to him that I would fight and be part of the solution to this heartbreaking disease. I've lost three other Goldens and pups I've bred over the years to various cancers. Being a breeder brings on more responsibility and I'm tired of getting those phone calls and crying with my extended Golden families.

When I found this project, I was saddened and overjoyed at the same time. My beloved breed being the target of such a large study really hit home. I had just become Mom to Journey. Journey is enrolled in the program and I am a passionate advocate for the study. And now Journey has a new golden brother, Orion.

For down time, I enjoy time with my two wonderful children and husband. I enjoy running 5 Ks, and if I could, would wake up every morning and go kayaking.